You, the Patient


What can you expect?

Initial Assessment

- Medical history 

- Injury history 

- Postural analysis

- Muscle strength and flexibility assessment

- Injury evaluation – special tests

- Functional movement screening

- Wellness screening 

Exercise Rehabilitation Sessions

- Individually designed exercise programme to treat your specific injury rehabilitation requirements

- Exercises with the use of equipment and body weight exercises will be administered (gym and/or home-based)

- Exercise programme will be printed and/or emailed to you for your perusal 

- Exercise programme management and progression will be administered as and when required

- The duration of rehabilitation is case dependant

- Hydrotherapy (exercise in water) is used and encouraged when necessary


- Performed to measure improvements

Outcome Measures and Goals of Treatment

- Reduction in pain and symptoms

- Improvement to joint range of movement and function 

- Return to activities of daily living

- Return to normal exercise activity 

- Return to the sports field 

- Improved sporting performance (strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility)

- Prevention of injury recurrence

- Improvement in lifestyle 

- Weight management